Empowering students to serve their community

Toro Enterprises is a student run organization giving students a work based learning experience.

About Us

Toro Enterprises is a student run organization based out of Entrepreneur High School, Fontana. As students, we get work based learning experience in one of our five on-campus internships. We use our internships to provide local businesses and community members our specialized products and services.

Our Services

Please contact us to get an quote on your job or to ask questions.

Toro Eats

We will soon be offer custom pickup catering and on-site catering services for events.

Toro Fabrication

Custom printing and fabrication for all sizes and quantities, from embroidered fabrics to large format items and unique awards.

Toro Logistics

We are shipping and tracking support for our other services.

Toro Media

We offer video editing, and video content creation to elevate your company.

How Toro Enterprises Empowers You!

Fueling Future Entrepreneurs

100% Profit Reinvestment

Every dollar earned goes back into Panther Enterprises, ensuring its longevity and providing new internship opportunities for years to come.

Expanding Horizons

Profits also fuel our robust CTSO program, giving students a platform to compete and excel at regional, state, and even national levels!

Student Perks

Students also gain benefits from the profits made. They gain different levels of discounts or even free tickets to dances, grad night, and other field trips.

Competitive Pricing

While offering competitive pricing is always important, we take it a step further and frame it as part of the learning experience! This adds a valuable layer to their business education.

Support Student Development

Overall, choosing Toro Enterprises provides you with access to a wide range of services, all delivered by our enthusiastic and dedicated student team. We offer high-quality work, competitive prices, and personalized services.